About Us

And by Japan to introduce the latest automatic capsule sealing machine and liquid capsule filling machine, to bring customers high-quality foundry services, inherited more than 20 years of mature experience in the production of capsules and strict control, to create in line with the Department of Health Food Manufacturing Standards (PIC / S GMP) production environment, professional OEM, ODM commodity planning, so that both goods within the market competitiveness, the two sides together for the health of the most perfect protection, and you work together to create a global health and profit Win-win career.

Company history

Yulun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, through PIC / S GMP, ISO, HACCP, food GMP and a number of health and safety certification

  • In 1990 the parent company Guangdeli Capsule Group was established
  • Inherited many years of high-quality mature manufacturing experience, 2003 Yulun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established to introduce the latest and the first Taiwan's first automatic capsule sealing machine and automatic liquid capsule filling machine
  • Won HACCP health and safety certification
  • Won ISO 9001 health and safety certification
  • GMP Food Good Practice
  • Won the National Quality Guarantee Award
  • In the United States FDA registration certification
  • OEM products through health food certification (small green man badge, the second track), SNQ national quality signs, Hala certification.
  • Awarded a number of national patent process.
  • Through the PIC / S pharmaceutical factory grade certification



Plant planning

◎PIC/S GMP Level water system

Through the R.O. reverse osmosis system, anion and cation exchange resin filtration system to clean water quality, storage water to 85 ℃ insulation sterile closed cycle, to ensure that the factory water to achieve sterile, pure double safety standards

◎Drying System

Using a special breathable drying oven, can be used for drying the temperature-sensitive raw materials, and the computer line to monitor the temperature of the oven and raw materials drying, complete retention of raw material activity and effective content, improve product quality and safety

◎ PIC/S Level grade operation plant

100,000 clean dust factory, hardware

  • Employee health and safety clean operation management procedures
  • Personnel, raw materials and access through strict control (regular hand washing management), to maintain factory quality

◎Related quality certificate
GMP certificate, ISO international certificate, HACCP international certificate, the national quality assurance certificate, the US FDA food factory registration certificate
※Special patented process technology: capsule sealing (sealing), acid film capsule

Professional OEM

To provide customers with professional services and consulting, through the communication between the two sides to explore, to provide product prescription design and marketing strategies for you to develop a unique, scientific and market competitiveness of high-quality health food


Office: 9F.-2, No.79, Sec. 2, Shuangshi Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 220,
    +886 02 2258-7008 (OEM)
Factory: 3F., No.15, Ln. 180, Sec. 3, Minsheng Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City 428,